Gyproc Indonesia Awarded as “Best Brand 2017”
Back 02/22/2018

Jakarta, 19th December 2017

Gyproc Indonesia's consistency, commitment, and accomplishments over the past year have paid off. At the end of 2017, Gyproc was awarded as "Best Brand 2017" from Home Preferred Brand Award that held by Bintang HOME Tabloid.

Each year, Bintang HOME Tabloid holds prestigious awards for companies that are actively working on their program. This year, Gyproc Indonesia successfully won in two categories: "Best Brand 2017" and "Best Wall System".

"Best Brand" itself is a special award that can only be won by the brand with certain criteria. The assessment in this category is based on innovations, promotions, CSR activities, communities and other activities that have been carried out during 2017. In that period, Gyproc Indonesia is considered to successfully launch one of the latest innovations: Habito™. In addition, in 2017 Gyproc also formed MasPro Club, a community that became a forum for the applicators.

Through this valuable achievement, Gyproc Indonesia promise to provide more innovations and better solution for Indonesia in 2018.