Climate Change and Energy Security

Climate change and energy security are two sides of the same coin.
The same remedies must be applied to both challenges.  The solution
starts with saving energy, and the building stock should make
the greatest contribution.


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Our Strategy

Saint-Gobain ISOVER creates efficient thermal
and acoustical insulation solutions to design energy
efficient constructions, to provide safe comfort for users
and to help protect the environment.

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Insulated air-conditioning ducts

These self-bearing duct systems are quick and easy to install.
They perfectly replace conventional insulated metal ducts.
They provide excellent thermal, fire, acoustic and air quality performance.

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ISOVER offers a large range of thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation solutions meeting all the technical requirements of the different applications in residential and non-residential buildings, for new build and renovation. Our solutions are adapted for metallic or massive construction buildings, wooden or steel frame constructions