Tile Fixing

Ceramics are often mounted on a very specific area,  
one of them is damp and wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms

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Designed to meet all requirements of the professional
building trades and discerning DIY enthusiasts.
Covers premium quality silicone sealants
with International standard.

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Waterproofing & Technical

The complete solution for repair, other technical products & leaks



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Solutions for Floor

The complete solution to all types of flooring

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Solutions for Wall

Complete solution for your home to make strong and durable walls



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MU-Mortar Utama

With MU Mortar Utama instant mortar, in which it consists of selected sand, top quality mortars, fillers and additives mixed homogeneously with the right composition, homeowners no longer need to buy sand and mortar separately. In addition, sand sieving, sand and mortar combustion, and mixing of sand and mortar in the field also no longer need to be done.


Solutions for Installing Marble and Granite without Spots, Stains and Efflorescence


As explained before, whatever type of material used as floor covering, of course they all have disadvantages, including material from natural stone (marble and granite). However, there are no problems that cannot be overcome. Any problems arising from natural stones can be avoided by using Stone Solution from Saint-Gobain MU-Weber.