Saint-Gobain supplies the healthcare market with various solutions ranging from mortar and chemical construction, lead-free boards to air ducts and insulation. We prioritize the comfort of health staffs and patients above anything.

Mortars & Construction Chemicals Materials for Health Sector


The Industrial Mortars Activity, via the Weber worldwide brand, provides a complete range of solutions:

With deep local knowledge of its markets and extensive international experience, each year, Weber develops innovative solutions to improve comfort and productivity on jobsite.



Ceilings & Drywall for Health Sector

With its acoustic ceiling tiles, Saint-Gobain Gyproc provides customized solutions for health establishments, helping reduce stress levels among hospital staff and patients. The air quality inside health buildings is also a major concern. In response to this need, Gyproc developed the Activ’Air® technology for its plasterboard, which treats indoor air by neutralizing formaldehydes, one of the main volatile organic compounds.

More than that, Saint-Gobain Gyproc now introducing XRoc™ , Lead-free x-ray protection board that provide optimum protection from X-Ray radiation. Various solutions above are suitable to be used in any Gyproc’s wall and partition systems for radiology room such as in hospital, veterinary clinic, dental clinic, and laboratory.

Ducts and Insulation Solution for Health Sector

Dipasarkan sebagai brand ISOVER di seluruh dunia, sistem isolasi wol mineral (kaca dan batu) atau busa (polistiren dan poliuretan) kami dirancang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan teknis di pasar, termasuk climate engineering, industri, pembuatan kapal, dan OEM (Produsen Peralatan Asli). Sistem ISOVER juga mencakup membran untuk dinding kedap udara dan pengelolaan transfer uap air, serta rangka dan aksesori khusus untuk memastikan pemasangan yang optimal.