High Rise

Accounting for 70% of the Group sales, Habitat is our main market. With a unique and diverse portfolio of materials and services to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort in all areas including thermal, acoustic, visual, to building health, Saint-Gobain provides solutions for external parts of a residence (roofs, facade cladding, external insulation systems, glass) and internal linings (insulation, plasterboard, ceiling, etc.). Habitat is used in all types of housing or apartment projects.

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Plasterboard Solutions for High Rise Residential

An essential material for the internal finishing of buildings, plasterboard is used for ceilings. Via its various commercial brands, Saint-Gobain provides a wide range of efficient solutions that adapt to all types of building projects: new, renovation and residential buildings.

During the time, Saint-Gobain Gyproc had become number one gypsum product in the world and contributes to be part of gypsum sector by presenting high quality products and excellent solutions. Gyproc Indonesia offers complete package of Gyproc ceiling tile. Not only providing the products, Gyproc also give the complete building solutions.

With the experience and knowledge about gypsum, we provide the solution that optimizing the use of gypsum resources to ensure we present the most remarkable building material.



Mortar & Chemical Construction for High-Rise Residential

The Industrial Mortars Activity, via the Weber worldwide brand and MU for Indonesian market, provides a complete range of solutions:

With deep local knowledge of its markets and extensive international experience, each year, Weber develops innovative solutions to improve comfort and productivity on jobsite.


Isover Solutions

Mainly sold under the worldwide ISOVER brand, our mineral wool (glass and stone) or foam (polystyrene and polyurethane) insulation systems are designed for technical markets, including climatic engineering, industry, shipbuilding and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

ISOVER systems also include membranes for wall airtightness and the management of water vapor transfers, as well as specific frames and accessories to ensure optimum installation.


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