WeSustain Talk: Zero Waste Lifestyle


[Jakarta, January 12, 2022] Mortar Utama & Saint-Gobain Indonesia held a “WeSustain Talk” event which was attended by all employees to socialize and remind the sustainability plan of Mortar Utama & Saint-Gobain Indonesia. This event is also intended to expand the knowledge and develop the potential of employees, especially for a greener and more sustainable lifestyle (green & sustainable).


The virtual meeting, which was attended by +129 employees and held for 1 (one) hour, was guided by Chintya Rizki Hapsari by inviting and collaborating with the Greeneration Foundation as the guest speaker. Raising the topic of the Zero Waste Lifestyle discussion, Mortar Utama & Saint-Gobain Indonesia hopes that all Saint-Gobain Indonesia employees can apply this new knowledge and improve green habits in both work and daily life.


Wenda Nuridahissan as Product Manager & Sustainability Champion from Saint-Gobain opened the event and reminded employees about the importance of the sustainability plan that Saint-Gobain Indonesia advocated. Of course, Saint-Gobain Indonesia continues to strive for the preservation of natural habitats by setting strict standards that prioritize Environment, Health, and Safety.


The topic of Zero Waste Lifestyle was presented by Fahrian Yovantra, Head of Programs from the Greeneration Foundation. He advised that sustainability is related to climate action. By thinking about wise choices in personal behavior, of course, life will be greener and more sustainable. For example, choosing organic food, buying and recycling used goods, being vegan, using public transportation, and so on.


Every action starts with oneself. However, no individual can live a "sustainable" life alone. It means that we also need other people to continue to protect the environment together. In this WeSustain Talk event, Fahrian also reminded the audience to continue to inspire sustainable development, run events that are socially and environmentally responsible. Together, let us make the world a better home for the next generations.